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Supernaturally Twisted

A Supernatural Crossover Community

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Welcome to Supernaturally Twisted, a community for any and all fanfic between Supernatural and other books, shows, movies etc.

This is a fanfic and fanart community. Please do not post off-topic discussions without first getting moderator approval by e-mailing: satyrnfive@gmail.com.

1. All fic must have a complete header regardless if it is chapter 1 or chapter 437. A header should include the title, the rating, any pairings and warnings that are applicable, and the summary of the fic.
2. All ratings are allowed. Please rate your fic accordingly.
3. We will not allow the posting of anything that has to do with sex with minors. Everything else is fair game - but *please* use appropriate warnings in your header.
4. Please only place the header in the main part of your post, the fic itself should go behind a cut. If you don't know how to use a cut go here to learn how.
5. Please tag your fic accordingly. Use the tags already created. If you see one that you think we need, please let a moderator know and we will add it if we deem it necessary. The only tag you may personally add is one that says author:yourname.... for example - author:saturn would be my tag. Got it?
6. All fanart should be placed behind a cut. Just put the description outside of the cut for the rest of us.
7. We don't have high standards when it comes to fic, but we do require a good grasp of spelling/grammar. Please use a beta if you need one.

The main goal of this group is to organize challenges and help spread the word about Supernaturally Twisted. So we hope that you'll also post you fic over at the main site at www.spntwisted.com.